A happy little mistake…

Welcome to day 24! You have probably just been to Adeline’s blog, which means that you are on the right track! Keep on hopping from link to link until you come full circle.

Remember the other day when I warned you to use the Zero key to cut the tall box and not the O key??? Well, these little drawers are the result of me making that mistake….


Now I’m glad that I did! Since I had one already cut, I decided to add a couple more to make this little chest of drawers. Once again, I used the Clementine paper pack as well as Chocolate, Crème Brule and Twilight cardstock. The drawer is found on page 49 of the handbook. (I also learned that you should have your glasses on so you can tell the difference between a 40 and a 49). I adhered the 3 drawers together in a stack and added a bow from page 55. The drawer handles are Antiqued Copper Designer Brads. I left a bit of the “legs” of the brads straight so that they wouldn’t be tight against the drawer front to make it easier to open them.

I filled the drawers with…..Chocolate of course! I think this will make a welcome first day of school gift for the secretary of my grandsons’ school.

I’m sure I’ll be making these again….on purpose this time! Winking smile

Next stop on the hop is Paisley’s Playhouse. See you tomorrow.

Happy Crafting!


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3 Responses to A happy little mistake…

  1. Wow great on the creative mistake!! I may have to copy this!

  2. I LOVE this mistake. Could you give me more information about making these. I think they would be great for gift giving. I would love to get an email from you. Thanks.

  3. Amy says:

    Wow this is adorable.

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